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Compra Rápida


Mario Marcoccia, Rafael Gibelli



Business Model


Investment Year


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Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo - Brazil


Iporanga Early Stage II



General Partner

Leonardo Teixeira


Y Combinator, Verve Capital

Compra Rápida team

Compra Rápida team


Mário and Rafael have both graduated from Escola Politécnica da USP, where they met. Since graduation, they’ve lived together, always discussing businesses and new ventures.

At the time, Rafael was a product manager at large foodtech, and had the challenge of leading the checkout restructuring process. His experience was determinant for the founders to see the opportunity of

improving all checkouts in e-commerce and start Compra Rápida.

Compra Rápida allows anyone to purchase online in any store with just 1-click, without registrations,

leveraging stores conversion rates and boosting their sales.

For customers, it delivers a much faster experience. You will never want to register on any website again.

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Mário Marcoccia found that he belonged in entrepreneurship at a very young age, while working with his grandfather in the tapestry business. He has graduated as an engineer at Poli-USP and worked in sales and management consultancy after that. Mário has practiced Judo most of his life and is passionate about sports in general, such as surfing and biking.

Rafael Gibelli got passionate about technology early on his life as a way to play game on his father’s old computer. He’s a mining engineer from Poli-USP, worked in tech as a software engineer, product manager and other ventures like as a mining engineering and management consultant. Loves to spend time watching and playing football (and sports in general), bike riding, travelling and meeting his friends.